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 Post subject: Alarm + U-Lock + General questions
PostPosted: 2009-10-23, 08:52:51 pm 

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Just a few questions I had after assembling my ebike yesterday.

1. I'm still not sure how exactly to arm/disarm the alarm. Does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

2. Also, where exactly do you put the U-Lock that comes with the bike? How does it help to prevent thefts? The bike seems kind of bulky for a U-Lock, it would have to get *really* close to the bike stand...

3. What does the green button do on the right hand handle?

4. Finally, I can't find the 350w/500w switch. Isn't it supposed to be somewhere on the handle?

Thanks in advance for the help!

 Post subject: Re: Alarm + U-Lock + General questions
PostPosted: 2009-10-23, 09:05:13 pm 

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1)To set the alarm you need to tap the horn button after shutting off the main power.
2)I seen them used on the wheel like a boot- I gave mine to my niece it works good on her tiny bike next to a chain link fence.
3&4) The green button is your high low switch. Hit it while driving at top speed and see if you notice a change. If not yours may be bunk- on one of my bikes it was left unplugged from the factory.

 Post subject: Re: Alarm + U-Lock + General questions
PostPosted: 2009-10-23, 11:22:02 pm 

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a)Turn off the ignition key, (one click)
b) turn handlebars to the left, push in ignition key while turning counter-clockwise (second click). Now your handlebars are locked
c) press and hold either yellow horn button for 3 seconds and then release. (beep, beep, beep) It's on!
d) go shopping........finished shopping....
e) put your key into the ignition and turn on the power, (red light turns on). Yes, if you are too slow, you shake the bike or bump the ignition, better plug your ears. Also, if your red power button is turned off, you can not disable your alarm. Turn it on.

The u-lock is just a deterrant, lock it on the back wheel since that is the most expensive piece on the whole bike, (or is that the battery)? If you are really that concerned, get a motorcycle chain or cable lock, but people might laugh (and the lock will be the most expensive thing on your bike).

3. & 4.
I suspect you got this one figured out, if not, 3 is 4.

Have fun and wear your seatbelt.

 Post subject: Re: Alarm + U-Lock + General questions
PostPosted: 2009-10-24, 02:17:00 am 
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To arm the alarm, turn off the ignition key. Depress either yellow horn buttons, you should hear a series of beeps indicating your alarm is armed.

To turn off the alarm turn on the ignition key. If the red kill switch is in the kill position, the alarm will not disarm, so you have to put the red kill switch in the run position.

I can frequently get close to a bike stand and lock it to the back carrier frame with the U-lock. I also have [I don't know where I got it] a heavy duty cable with loops at both ends about 5 feet long. It has a memory and coils itself. This allows me to tether it up to several feet further away.

The green button is your 350/500W switch or whatever power it is doing. A lower power is only legal in Europe and this switch, the green button on the right handlebar, switches it from European to Canadian. The only way you can tell which position you are in is at top speed. Go fully cranked top speed then push the green button, if you slow down, you were in the Canadian position, return it to the Canadian position. If you speed up you were in the European position, leave it in the Canadian position. There is not advantage which position you are in at low speed, it does not seem to make a difference until you get to top speed so most people just leave it in the Canadian position.

The Gio 500 is actually a 350 watt motor, so you are switch between 200 watts and 350 watts, not 350/500.

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